What is Sound and Vibration Therapy?



“Everything in Life is a Vibration” – Albert Einstein

Welcome to the world of Sound and Vibration Therapy! The fact that you’ve landed on this page means that you are ready to embark on a journey into an ancient healing art that will bring peace, tranquility, and harmony into your life.

Specifically, I am referring to Sound and Vibration Therapy utilizing Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. It’s a bit of conundrum because not much is documented regarding this powerful modality. There is, however, documentation referring to music therapy (which has sound and vibration) dating back the 8th century.

There are many different shapes and sizes of singing bowls. Depending on the type of bowl, the usages were for ceremonies, celebrations, rituals, mixing medicines, or perhaps even for food in ancient times. As Westerners found the bowls, the applications became more spiritual, meditative, and healing in nature. It is a powerful modality in its effectiveness and benefits to the mind, body, and soul. The use of Singing Bowls continues to evolve, creating a demand for standardization and the need for specific protocols. Consequently, certification schools and programs opened across the US, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the World.

Sound and Vibration Therapy is Buddhist in nature, has Shamanic characteristics, and its origins are traced throughout Southeast Asia, Japan and India. Singing Bowls are referred to as Tibetan or Himalayan Singing Bowls. Himalayan Singing Bowls is the nomenclature used indicating the region where the bowls are manufactured and sold. Singing Bowls are also referred to as bells. Singing Bowls are struck or rubbed with a mallet to produce harmonic sounds at different frequencies. The harmonic sounds evoke a relaxation response in the physical body as well as create a positive flow of energy in the subtle body. Consequently, it removes physical and emotional blocks, while similarly altering one’s state of consciousness, as does a consistent meditation practice.

Singing Bowls are manufactured in Nepal, India, Japan and other parts of Asia. One has a choice of new bowls or ancient bowls. Singing Bowls are manufactured today by machine and hand-hammered. Ancient Singing Bowls are sourced by family lineages that can certify the authenticity and date of the bowls. Ancient Singing Bowls are hand-made of a combination of metals, mainly copper. There is a belief that the ancient bowls were made by monks using seven metals, associated with planets, possessing spiritual properties, and follow the Buddhist philosophy of the five elements; earth, fire, water, wind, and ether.

Himalayan Singing Bowls have harmonic overtones due to the metal composition, shape, and size. Our brains process the harmonic sounds and create an environment that is conducive to meditation and relaxation. Without getting into the details of quantum physics, when the physical body is in such a state, stress cannot exist. Therefore the physical body cannot be subject to the harmful effects caused by stress. The physical body innately will heal itself, along with the power of the mind, proper nutrition, and proper exercise.

Research has proven that one’s consciousness is altered by the sound and vibration of Himalayan Singing Bowls. There is a methodology around “playing” Singing Bowls in specific patterns and placing the bowls in proximity to the main energy points (or Chakras) along the meridian of the body. The bowls can be struck or rubbed with a mallet or tapped with the side of the palm, each producing different sounds. Depending on the practitioner, other modalities can be incorporated to intensify the benefits (breathing techniques, Reiki, massage, guided meditation etc.).

At Integrative Harmony, we use ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls for pure harmonic sounds.  Breathing techniques, reiki, essential oils, and nutrition are integrated into our practice to ensure a truly unique experience that is soothing your mind and nourishing for your subtle and physical body. We invite you to schedule time to explore the benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls. Together we will design your personal program that will restore and maintain your health, balance, and harmony resulting in a renewal of awareness and perception.