I left feeling calm, grounded and in a better emotional state
“It is difficult for me to relax and even harder to meditate.  At last, I have discovered a way where I am able to experience both.  My session with Donna brought me to a transcendent place of deep relaxation.  The sound of the bowls was soothing and comforting as I felt the vibrations go through my body. The added  aroma of essential oils lifted my spirit. I left feeling calm, grounded and in a better emotional state.  Weeks later, what I have noticed is that I am no longer reaching for my glass, or two, of wine as a way to relax at the end of the day!”



Spiritual experience for the mind and entire body
“Sound therapy with Donna and her specials bowls is truly a unique, spiritual experience for the mind and entire body. I have never experienced anything like this. I did not want the session to end. Donna’s technique is transcendental! I highly recommend sound therapy with Donna to everyone. You’re completely hooked after one session.”



You’re completely hooked after one session
“Donna works from the heart. Her commitment to helping her husband heal brought forward the discovery of her dormant gifts. At the present she selflessly shares her knowledge towards the benefit of all of us”



Finance Professional
“I spent a little over an hour enjoying the soothing rhythmic hymns of Donna’s Tibetan singing bowls. The relaxation was unparalleled. It helped me build toward better meditation, relaxation and personal well-being. It also very effectively cleared my head from the day’s issues and distractions. As we progressed through the session I saw vibrant colorful flowers and fields of green meadows. Then as I transitioned back I actually felt quite refreshed”