Singing Bowl Web Services

Services Can Be Combined Or Added To Sessions

• Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound & Vibration Therapy

• Aura Cleanse
• Chakra Balancing
• Relaxation
• Meditation
• Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshops

• Target Treatments

• Acute or Chronic Conditions
• Specific areas of the body
• Re-tuning or re-calibrating vibration

• Nutritional Assessments

• Support for specific diet theories
• Weight Loss & Weight Gain
• Integrative Health and Nutritional Counseling

• Cooking Techniques

• Workshops
• Demonstrations
• Classes

• Essential Oil Therapy
• Reiki Sessions
• Sacred Ground Sessions* 

*Sacred Ground Sessions are usually between two and three hours long. In an ethereal environment, healing energy flows and is complimented by the sound and vibrations of Gongs and Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Reiki Masters are activating the clients’ positive life force energy – clients are comfortably falling into a relaxed, peaceful, and tranquil state. Practitioners, clients, and all involved are experiencing good vibrations, resonating at higher frequencies, positive emotions, love, peace, compassion, joy, and happiness! It is truly a unique experience and can be a positive life-changing event!