History of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

Tibetan singing bowls are native to the Himalayas, especially Nepal and India. It is widely understood that Tibetan singing bowls describes a type of hand hammered bowl from the Himalayas.
Traditional singing bowls go back approximately 2400 years to the time of Buddha and has been handed down from generation to generation in India, Nepal, and Tibet through verbal teaching within a highly structured family clan or caste system. As of today, craftsman in Nepal in the Kathmandu Valley work to revive the ancient techniques for making the bowls.
The oral history tells us that the bowls came to Tibet from India at the same time Buddhism was introduced to Tibet. Therefore the history of Tibetan singing bowls goes back to he 8th century AD.


*ref “How to Heal with Singing Bowls”, by Suren Shresthra